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Meet the photographers {Rob + Mel} ShoeBox Photography

rob and mel shoebox photographyHi!

I’m Mel, that’s Rob. We’re the artists behind ShoeBox Photography. You’re here, likely because you’re looking for a fabulous photographer to capture your upcoming wedding. Well, you’ve found two! First off, Congratulations! + Thank you so much for the honour of diving in deeper to find out who we are and how we can become such an awesome part of your lives. To us, finding your perfect photographer not only lies with your sense of style in imagery, but with the connection you build with them. This is the first step in discovering if we’re the right fit for you. We invite you to read on about us, our lives and our photography and to watch our film below. & If you think you’ve found your match in us… 
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Our story…


Rob and I met 15 years ago. Our early days were spent as friends, coffee’s together before the work day kicked in, lunch breaks in the cafe & little visits during the day to each others stores (we worked in retail back then) to catch up on the latest happenings of our little town. Over the course of a year, we both started to recognize that there was something a little more going on between us besides a blossoming friendship. One day, while having our traditional coffee together on the bench outside the mall doors, our knees touched… the butterflies came & you wonder if you should move your knee away or not, but then you realize that the other person isn’t moving either, so you both just stay put, making sure not to move an inch so as not to disrupt this perfect little moment that you soooo didn’t realize was the beginning of something big. Yup. We’ve been married now for 10 awesome years, have a beautiful daughter and the most adorable pup on the planet. The rest, is history. A history that we’d love to tell you over a coffee.

our family horseback riding in the DR

Time abroad…

A big part of our lives has always been travel. We enjoy so much seeing and experiencing new places and cultures. This wanderlust has brought us to many magical places, including our second home, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We are so, so lucky to be able to fulfill a dream of living abroad part time and all the while still doing what we love and cherish to be our career. We photograph destination weddings in Punta Cana between November and June every year and weddings in Vancouver from June to October.  It’s an amazing feeling to be able to do what we love full time and year round. Our journey doesn’t stop here though. Plans for the future involve many more adventures all over this awesome world.

How we started…

When we started out on the path that we are on now, we were simply hobbyists, photography was a shared passion that we both brought to our new relationship. As time marched on and as we grew stronger as a couple, opportunities arose to capture some very special moments in our family and friends lives. We didn’t know then how those instances would create what and who we have become today – but a passion was ignited. From that moment we knew that this was how we wanted to live our lives, to celebrate, to share and to capture the most special times in peoples lives. To give you timeless heirlooms to keep for generations to come. Our style is romantic, natural and unscripted. A most amazing combination for pure, genuine storytelling.