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To be part of your wedding day, is more to us than what it may seem. We show up.. we witness.. and we try to create the best possible experience for you to remember when it's all said and done. What we get in return, is a collection of incredible memories from each of you. Memories of magical first dances and soulful vows, looks of tremendous pride from moms and dads abound. We witness your love, and the love of those who love you. It makes our hearts so full. So THANK YOU.. you made our day just as wonderful.


This team is the total package. Not only did they help to perfectly capture all the sweet and fun moments of our big day, but Mel helped to figure out my elaborate bustle, helped put on my shoes, and was a blast to work with. Rob quickly became my husbands favorite person - he was funny, relaxed, and helped to make sure the day went off without a hitch. Don't think twice about working with ShoeBox Photography - it was the best decision we ever made! They check all the boxes and then some in terms of the perfect wedding day photographers.

Sabrina + Daniel


The best decision we made for that day was to hire Mel and Rob. They are the BEST! Right from the start they made us feel comfortable and it felt like they were part of the wedding party. I felt an instant connection with them. Our wedding picture are absolutely amazing. All of them are perfect, well taken and so romantic! We have some much appreciation and love for them. Trust me you can't go wrong with them and it will be the best decision you took for your special day!

Samantha + Dave


I LOVE LOVE everything Mel & Rob do. Their creative eye and love and talent for photography is simply seen in their work. I was so nervous about being on camera so nervous about taking pictures freaking out about how I would pose, what is my good side, which angle will look better. But it was NOT like that at all. There was no posing per se or worrying about what to do next but my hubby and I just enjoying each other and our pictures came out so natural. They of course helped guide us to get some really nice shots. We fell so in love with our engagement photographs that we made an easy decision to hire them for our wedding day. Fast forward to wedding day. They are so professional, thorough and SO MUCH fun to work with. The day flew and they were always around shooting and capturing our best memories. Choosing a wedding photographer is a big deal and we could not be any more pleased/excited/in love with the final product!

christina + taurean


I cannot say enough good things about Melinda and Rob from Shoebox photography. Not only are they the sweetest, most down-to-earth couple, their quality of work is next to none; Our wedding photos look like they are straight out of a professional magazine! Rest assured that you are in good hands with these two. They are true professionals, and perfectly captured the essence of our wedding day though their beautiful imagery. You can feel the love and emotion in every single shot. Thank you Mel and Rob - for everything!

melissa + jevon


the very best

There are certain moments in your life where you wish you could relive over and over even as time goes by. Mel and Rob have been able to do this for us. They captured our wedding day in an essence that I can't really put into words. My heart is with them always. Thank you for being so spectacular and phenomenal!. Thank you for the humility you project with your talents. The best of the best! I could never say that enough. xoxo

E + A